Medical Administration

For our pupils welfare, we have strict measures in place to ensure any medication due to be taken in school, is stored securely, administered safely, and any medical waste is disposed of hygienically. We have trained medical administrators and a dedicated medical room for this purpose.

It is required that all medication is handed into the main office, and not kept in pupils bags, pockets etc for the school day as this poses a serious safeguarding issue to all our pupils. Medication is then stored in a locked cupboard or locked medical fridge, until required and can be collected at the end of the school day if needed.

All medication should be;

  • Prescribed

  • Clearly labelled (prescription label)

  • Kept in the the original container

  • Coincide with a completed medical form (link below)

  • Please note: We are unable to give your child medication unless it fits all the above criteria.

Medical Permission Form

Please complete the answers as fully as possible - you may receive a call from our medical team if there is a problem with any details on this form which may prevent us being able to administer your child's medication.

Please contact our medical Administrator, Miss Walker, if you have any concerns or questions regarding the administration of medicine to your child.

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