What is Safeguarding?

Safeguarding refers to the processes adopted by our college community for actively observing, monitoring, reporting and recording ALL matters which may potentially put our students at risk of harm or abuse.

ALL staff have a safeguarding responsibility and receive annual training on this, we work together to keep the students in our care safe and well. 

The ‘Safeguarding Team’ – Child Protection

The staff responsible for ensuring that Safeguarding processes and reporting are maintained are:

  • Mr D Gidman - Headteacher/ Safeguarding Officer
    Mr E Cassidy - Deputy Headteacher / Designated Safeguarding Lead/LAC lead
    Ms H Aldridge - Deputy Headteacher, KS3/ Safeguarding Officer
    Mrs T Mathias - Pupil Progress Coordinator Year 11/Safeguarding Officer
    Miss M Murphy - Pupil Progress Coordinator Year 9/ Safeguarding Officer
    Miss L Crowley - Assistant Headteacher/ Safeguarding Officer
    Mrs A Diggle - Head of Care and Safeguarding/ Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead/LAC lead
    Sr L Cameron - Laura Vicuna Centre/ Safeguarding Officer
    Ms A Cain - Safeguarding Link Governor