Key staff with responsibility for Safeguarding


  • Mr D Gidman - Headteacher/ Safeguarding Officer
  • Mrs C Roberts - Deputy Headteacher/Designated Safeguarding Lead
  • Mr E Cassidy –Deputy Headteacher/Safeguarding Officer
  • Mrs N Styles- Head of Care and Safeguarding/ Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead/LAC Lead
  • Miss L Crowley - Assistant Headteacher/ Safeguarding Officer/ Designated Teacher of LAC
  • Mr D Boyle - Assistant Headteacher/Safeguarding Officer
  • Miss C Lyon - Assistant Headteacher/Safeguarding Officer
  • Mrs J Sullivan - Assistant Headteacher/Safeguarding Officer
  • Ms H Aldridge - Assistant Headteacher, KS3/ Safeguarding Officer
  • Mrs T Mathias - Pupil Progress Coordinator Year 9/Safeguarding Officer
  • Miss M Murphy - Pupil Progress Coordinator Year 8/ Safeguarding Officer
  • Sr L Cameron - Laura Vicuna Centre/ Safeguarding Officer
  • Mrs L Murphy - Safeguarding and Pastoral Officer
  • Mr C Gaffney - Safeguarding and Pastoral Officer
  • Miss S Forster - Safeguarding and Pastoral Officer
  • Ms A Cain - Safeguarding Link Governor


        Keeping Children Safe in Education Policy 2021

        Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy 2021

        Anti Bullying and Peer to Peer Abuse Policy 2021

        Dealing with Incidents/Disclosure of Sexual Violence and Harassment