Year 7 and 8 COVID-19 Testing

St John Bosco Arts College has been invited to take part in a new study which monitors the transmission of coronavirus (COVID-19) in secondary schools. This is a separate testing programme to the Lateral Flow Test which was recently supported by military personnel. The pupils chosen to participate in this new study are in Years 7 and 8 only.

The testing that will take place involves the following:

  1. The nasal swab test to see if your daughter currently has coronavirus
  2. A saliva sample test to test for the virus and antibodies

If you would like your daughter to take part in the testing, we need you to register and complete a consent form using the following link:

Consent for Year 7 and 8 testing

Flow Diagram instructions for Consent

ONS Invitation Information

Participation in the study is voluntary and you can find more detailed information on the letter attached. There is also a detailed set of instructions of how to register your child attached in PDF format.

In order to participate in the first part of the study, consent must be submitted by midnight on Wednesday 25th November.


It is important to note, this is a completely different testing programme to the one led by the military recently and therefore consent will be managed separately.

If you have any questions contact Mr Dan Boyle at