2012 / 2013

On behalf of the Sixth Form – welcome and best wishes for your coming GCSE examinations;
remember you will need to work hard during what remains of Year 11 and achieve the best grades you can.

Although you may have been at St John Bosco Arts College for five years you may not necessarily be aware that here in the Sixth Form it is very different.

Yes, you still have to wear a college uniform; yes, you do have to be in college by 8.25am – however, you will find the atmosphere more relaxed, but equally just as supportive as your early years at St John Bosco.

As a members of the Sixth Form Leadership Team, we have been elected by fellow students to represent the views of the Sixth Form in many areas of college life.

We work very closely with our Pupil Progress Co-ordinators’ providing a strong student voice which in recent years has led to significant improvements in Sixth Form life. Most notably, a refurbishment of the Common Room; a designated Sixth Form ICT room and our own catering facilities.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Sixth Form.

Head Girl (Paige Grogan) and the Senior Prefect Team