Religious Education is a central aspect within the College as well as within the curriculum, with all pupils studying it at GCSE level. All sixth form students attend core RE and have the opportunity to study Philosophy, Religion and Ethics at A-Level. The Salesian ethos is embedded within the Religious Education Curriculum.

Pupils have many opportunities to enhance their knowledge, both spiritually and academically with support from our Salesian Sisters and wider Salesian Family. All year groups participate in annual retreats and have can attend local and national youth gatherings..

Key Stage 3

Year 7 

Initial content will be introductory and welcome to St John Bosco

Term 1 Topics & Content: Belonging, Revelation, What is truth, Who is God? Who is Jesus?

Term 2 Topics & Content: What is the Kingdom of God? What are the signs of Catholic identity? Baptism. Eucharist

Term 3 Topics & Content: The Joys of Living as a Christian, Hinduism

Year 7 are also taught by one of our Salesian Sisters, Sr Anne Frances, Salesian Spirituality one lesson a fortnight.

Year 8

Content in Year 8 will provide students with increased depth to their learning. Some content will be built up on from previous teaching which will offer different insights and possibilities to demonstrate to students that there are diverse ways of thinking. There is also new content introduced.

Term 1 Topics & Content: Promises, Covenant in the Old Testament

Term 2 Topics & Content: Forgiveness, Sacrament of Reconciliation, Lent, The Passion, The Easter Vigil

Term 3 Topics & Content: Social Justice, Cafod, Saints

Year 9

There will also be opportunity for students to explore new content, some of which will encourage students to question the world. Students should now be guiding their extended answers in to a GCSE style format showing greater understanding and depth to the content.

Term 1 Topics & Content: Where was God at 9/11, Problem of Evil, Islam, Islamaphobia

Term 2 Topics & Content: GCSE Component 3 will be taught (See Below)

Term 3 Topics & Content: GCSE Component 3 will be taught (See Below)

Key Stage 4

 Edexcel Religious Studies A, Catholic Christianity with Judaism and Philosophy and Ethics. The GCSE course is studied over two years.

Component 1 : Catholic Christianity

Beliefs and Teachings:




The Paschal Mystery



  • Sacraments
  • Liturgical Worship
  • The Funeral Rite
  • Prayer
  • Pilgrimage
  • Catholic Social Teaching

Sources of Wisdom and Authority

  • The Bible
  • Magisterium
  • Second Vatican Council
  • The Church
  • Mary the Mother of God

Forms of Expression and ways of life

  • Catholic Church Architecture and features
  • Sacred objects
  • Artwork, sculptures and statues
  • Drama and Music in worship

Component 2 : Judaism

Pupils will examine, and be assessed on, beliefs, teachings and practices in Judaism including:

  • The Messiah
  • Yhe Covenant
  • The Mitzvot
  • Life After Death
  • Prayer
  • Shabbat
  • Festivals
  • The synagogue

Component 3: Philosophy and Ethics

Pupils will examine the arguments for the existence of God through:

  • Revelation
  • Miracles
  • Religious Experiences
  • The design and cosmological arguments
  • The Problem of suffering

Also they will explore religious teachings on relationships and families in the 21st Century looking at:

  • Marriage
  • Family Planning
  • Divorce
  • Equality of men and women

Key Stage 5

Edexcel Religious Studies

Over the two years students will prepare for three A Level Papers:

Paper 1: Philosophy

  • Nature and influence of religious experience.
  • Problems of evil and suffering.
  • Philosophical language.
  • Works of scholars.
  • Influences of developments.
  • Paper 2: Ethics
  • Significant concepts in issues and debates.
  • Study of three ethical theories.
  • Application of ethical theories.
  • Ethical language.
  • Deontology, Virtue Ethics and the works of scholars.
  • Medical ethics.
  • Paper 3: New Testament
  • Contexts of the New Testament.
  • Texts and interpretation of the Person of Jesus.
  • Interpreting the text and the purpose and authorship.
  • Ways of interpreting the scripture.
  • Texts and interpretation.
  • Scientific and historical-critical challenges
  • Core RE

    All students will participate in 1 hour of Core RE a week.

    Yr 12:

    Term 1: Body Image

    Term 2: Salesian Spiritualty

    Term 3: Faith Traditions in our city

    Yr 13:

    Term 1: Capital Punishment

    Term 2: The effects of War

    Department Staff

    Mrs A Sweeney - Subject Leader
    Mr J Collins
    Mrs D Tomkins
    Mrs J Jenkins
    Mrs T Mathias
    Miss M Murphy
    Sr Ann Frances

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