To equip students with the foundations of knowledge and skills to understand the wider world and pursue a career within a scientific industry.

Term 1a Term 1b Term 2a Term 2b Term 3a Term 3b
7 Cells, Particles and Forces, Elements and Sound Body Systems and Reactions Reproduction and Light Acids and Alkalis, Space Practical Investigations
8 Variation and Inheritance The Periodic Table Speed and Photosynthesis Health and Energy Separating Mixtures and Electricity Ecosystems and Magnetism Metals
9 Respiration and Pressure Organisms and Global warming Cells and Matter Reactions and Conduction Pressure and Heart and Lungs Practical procedures and techniques
10 Cells, diffusion and osmosis Atomic structure and the periodic table Energy systems, store and efficiency Organisation, Digestive System, CV System Ionic and Covalent Bonding, Electrolysis Infection, Human Defences, Vaccination Quantitive Chemistry, conservation of mass Bioenergetics, photosynthesis, respiration Chemical changes, reactivity, neutralisation Revision and examination preparation Start Yr11 Topics
11 Photosynthesis and sampling techniques Rates of reaction and Bonding Motion and forces Proteins, enzymes and respiration Atomic structure, quantitive chemistry, analysing substances PE, GPE, work and power Mitosis, meiosis, genetic crosses Electrolysis, electroplating, half equations Circuits, current, resistance Genetic Disorders, fossils and extinction Acids, bases and salts, polymers, nanoscience Radiation, half-life, radioisotopes Revision and examination preparation
12 Biology A Level Cell structure and microscopy Biological Molecules, Monomers and polymers, carbohydrates, proteins and lipids Cell Cycle, mitosis, cancer cells DNA, ATP, water, inorganic ions Transport across cell membranes Surface area to volume ratio and gas exchange Cell recognition and the immune system Digestion and absorption Mass transport Revision and examination preparation Start Yr 13 Topics
12 Chemistry A level Atomic Structure, amounts of substance, bonding and introduction to organic chemistry Alkanes, halogen alkanes, alkenes, oxidation and reduction Group 2 elements, group 7 elements, energetics, kinetics Chemical equilibria, alcohols, organic analysis, periodicity Revision and examination preparation Start Yr13 Topics - Thermodynamics
12 BTEC Science Periodicity and Bonding Cell structure and microscopy Periodicity and properties of elements Cell Specialisation Tissue structure and function Uses of substances based on their properties Working with waves in Communication Practical procedures and techniques Uses of electromagnetic waves Practical procedures and techniques Revision and examination preparation Practical procedures and techniques
13 Biology A Level Energy transfer in and between organisms, photosynthesis, respiration, energy and ecosystems Organisms respond to change in environments, Nervous coordination, muscles, homeostasis Genetics, populations and evolution Control of gene expression, DNA technology Revision and examination preparation
13 Chemistry A level Thermodynamics, rate equations, optical isomerism, aldehydes and ketones carboxylic acids and derivatives, equilibrium and constant Kp, acids and bases, aromatic chemistry, amines Polymers, amino acids, proteins and DNA, electrode potentials, transition metals, reactions of ions Properties of Period 3 elements, NMR spectroscopy, chromatography, organic synthesis Revision and examination preparation
13 BTEC Science Human Physiology, Chemistry for Technicians Human Reproduction, Thermodynamics Working in the Science Industry Analytical Chemical Techniques Revision and examination preparation

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