Curriculum Intent

The MFL department is committed to broadening pupils’ understanding of the world and developing strong, life-long linguistic skills. Students are given opportunities to develop their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in the target language and to express themselves with increasing confidence, independence and creativity. We offer Spanish at KS3, 4 and 5 and Mandarin is offered to a cohort of students in KS3. 

Department Staff and Roles:

Mrs L Bray – Head of Department
Miss N O’Brien – Teacher of Spanish and Mandarin
Mr C Billington – Teacher of Spanish
Mrs M Barclay – Teacher of Spanish

Year 7 

Term 1: Mi vida, Mi tiempo libre 

Term 2: Mi insti, Mi familia y mis amigos
Term 3: Mi ciudad

Year 8 

Term 1: Mis vacaciones, Todo sobre mi vida

Term 2: ¡A comer!, ¿Qué hacemos?
Term 3: Operación verano

Year 9 

Term 1: Somos así, ¡Oriéntate!

Term 2: En forma, Jóvenes en acción
Term 3: Una aventura en Madrid#

Curriculum Content KS4

Curriculum Content KS3

Edexcel 2 year GCSE.
Paper 1: Listening and understanding in Spanish (25%)
Paper 2: Speaking in Spanish (25%)
Paper 3: Reading and understanding in Spanish (25%)
Paper 4: Writing in Spanish (25%)

Year 10
Term 1: ¡Desconéctate!, Mi vida en el insti
Term 2: Mi gente, Intereses e influencias
Term 3: Ciudades

Year 11
Term 1: De costumbre, ¡A currar!
Term 2: Hacia un mundo mejor, ¡A repasar!
Term 3: Repaso

Curriculum Content KS5

Qualification Details
Exam board: Edexcel
Paper 1: Listening, reading and translation (40%)
Paper 2: Written response to works and translation (30%)
Paper 3: Speaking (30%)
Literary text: La casa de Bernarda Alba
Film: El Laberinto del Fauno

Year 12
Term 1: Tema 1- La evolución de la sociedad española
Term 2: Tema 2- La cultura en el mundo de habla español
Term 3: El Laberinto del Fauno

Year 13

Term 1: Tema 3 – La inmigración y la sociedad multicultural españolaLa casa de Bernarda Albaa
Term 2: Tema 4 – La dictadura Franquista y la transición a la democracia
Term 3: Independent Research Project

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Extra Curricular 

Year 11 revision – Tuesday after-school.
A-level revision – Wednesday after-school.

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