Form Time Literacy


Read- Aloud

As reading is a priority across the school, we want to develop pupils' love of reading and reading for pleasure. The ‘Read- Aloud’ programme will consist of pupils being read to by their form tutor for 25 minutes twice per week. Books will be carefully chosen for enjoyment and engagement. Thematic links can be made to the main texts being studied within the English curriculum so that pupils can make links across texts. The books will be carefully chosen to foster the love of reading e.g. reading the first book in a trilogy to inspire all readers to go away and read the rest of the books independently (Year 8 – The Hunger Games). Furthermore, books will also be chosen for ease of access at home; a linked text to a classic novel on myON that pupils may be inspired to read. The books will be read to pupils by form tutors, this will allow for correct intonation and prosody of words and engagement with the text through gesture. The main focus will be on the fluidity of reading and engagement with the text.

A letter has been sent out to all parents highlighting the importance of the ‘Read- Aloud’ programme and offering tips to read aloud at home utilising our online reading platform with 700 free eBooks: myON. Suggestions of linked texts are also given to inspire reading at home and reading for pleasure e.g. ‘If you enjoy reading The Secret Garden, then read ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland or Peter Pan on myON’. The library will also be ensuring that they are stocked with the books that pupils are reading in form time and in their English lessons. This will enable pupils to take the book home and read for enjoyment independently.

KS3 Text choices: Autumn Term

Year 7: The Secret Garden: 375 pages.

Year 8: The Hunger Games: 370 pages.

Year 9: Blood Brothers: 128 pages.

Year 10: The Hate U Give 440 pages.

Year 11: Ambitious vocabulary and related reading.

6th Form: Non-fiction and Fiction extracts/ articles to prepare pupils for the wider world.

In addition to this, all learners follow a literacy programme in morning registration time with a focus on the teaching of vocabulary, exploring root words, prefixes, suffixes and the etymology of vocabulary.

Prefix of the week

In form time on Fridays, teachers will deliver to pupils the ‘prefix’ that week. This will be sent out at the start of the week to staff to ensure it is being drawn upon through their own subject specific vocabulary throughout the week. It is also in the daily bulletin during briefing to remind staff. The school screens around the school display the current prefix of the week and related words e.g. Prefix of the week "de" meaning 'remove/reduce' or 'to make the opposite of''. With the prefix "de" pupils can make 71 other words such as 'dethrone' and 'decrease'.

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