Numeracy in Form


Once a week every form class has Numeracy in Form time!

Each pupil has red Numeracy book and a red Numeracy folder to keep all of their work in. Each form activity is set up in the same way:

  • Pupils go through step by step examples of a key Numeracy skill with their form tutor. This is the time for pupils to take notes and ask questions

  • Pupils complete carefully structured questions in their books created using ‘variation theory’ to encourage independent thought and problem solving skills. These are then marked in form and misconceptions are addressed.

  • Pupils complete a differentiated set of questions to enable them to challenge themselves and practice these skills.
  • At the end of form pupils are encouraged to reflect on their practice and are directed to appropriate online material on their maths teacher for more support or challenge. Extra questions are available at all times from the Numeracy Board in school.

Pupils in year 10 and year 11 are in their maths and English sets with their maths and English teachers. In Maths we focus on key skill practice through the “Maths 5 a-day” booklets, along with developing problem solving skills.

6th Form students follow a programme around developing their financial capabilities. They look at needs and wants, budgeting as well as different types of bank accounts and bank cards.

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