Student Experiences

International links

Part of ensuring our Bosco girls become international citizens of the world means maintaining strong international relationships and we are fortunate to be partnered with Wenzhou Foreign Language School No.2 in China. We have forged close links with our sister school over the years, hosting contingents here in Liverpool, and taking groups of our girls over to China to have an unforgettable experience of a unique and different culture.



Mock Trials

An intrepid team of our year 8 and 9 legal eagles became Bosco’s first entry into the Young Citizens’ Mock Trial competition. The girls travelled to Wirral Magistrates Court to compete against other schools in a high-stakes courtroom drama, performing as lawyers, advisors, witnesses, ushers and even magistrates. The team acquitted themselves fantastically, and did our school proud, battling the first-time nerves to secure victory both in prosecution and defence. The experience allowed the girls to gain a real insight into the British Justice system, and became an inspiration for possible career avenues in the future.



Pensioners Party

In December our Sixth form students worked with Mrs Hughes raising funds for the annual pensioners’ party.

The fund raising events included Dodge ball, name the teddy, raffles and collections from pupils at registration. All the funds raised went towards providing Christmas lunch and refreshments to local people.

The party was attended by local pensioners who were wined and dined and treated to fantastic entertainment including Bingo, Raffles and songs from our talented 6th formers.

This year was our most well attended party yet and fun was had by all, including the pupils who helped to create a merry ambiance. It is very important for us to welcome people from our local community to be part of our festivities at St John Bosco.



Diana Award Anti Bullying Ambassadors

Anti-Bullying Ambassador training empowers pupils and staff to change the attitudes, behaviours, and cultures of bullying by building skills and confidence to address different situations both on and offline.

We have 10 trained ambassadors who are there to offer support and advice to all pupils. We are always looking for pupils to join our team. If you feel that you fulfill the Person Specification below please speak to Miss Lyon or Miss O’Brien to join the team:

*You are passionate and committed about stopping bullying in your school and/or community

* You know what bullying is and what type of behaviour is and isn’t bullying

*You work with your peers and staff to stop bullying in your school/community

*You are someone who is kind, empathetic, a good listener and supports your peers

* You help to run days in your school/community that raise awareness of bullying and promote kindness

* You celebrate the things that make you and others special and unique

* You keep us up to date with all of the brilliant Anti-Bullying work you do


Liverpool Schools' Parliament

School’s Parliament has given an opportunity for the children and young people of Liverpool to have a voice on matters of concern and to be heard by the people who have influence in the running of the city.

School’s parliament also provides pupils chance to participate in a range of exciting events and activities and empowers pupils to make a real difference within their community.

Our school council members attend regularly discussing issues such as how to bring about improvement in education offer within Liverpool, region climate change and women in politics.





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