Student Voice

Since September 2014 the St John Bosco School Council have been working hard to ensure an easy transition into the new school building and the new academic year. The council has campaigned on many issues from a range of students and will continue to be a source of both help and information for all.

There have been many external opportunities for the council this year, including a trip to the Young Person’s Question Time with MP Stephen Twigg, where students put forward their concerns about issues effecting their local area.  Four council representatives frequently attend Liverpool’s Youth Parliament  at the Town Hall and contribute to discussion on a range of issues in the city – a fantastic way to engage the younger pupils!  Currently, council members are involved in the first  Student Voice Conference for Catholic Schools with the topic being ‘British Values’, looking at how British values are taught and considered in Catholic schools.

There has also been a range of internal opportunities for the students within St John Bosco including a visit from a Holocaust survivor and many more inspirational speakers!

The council hope to continue making positive changes around the school and acting as positive role models in our local community.

Overall, as a council we are deeply grateful for the continued support provided by staff and students and hope this is sustained in the future.

Many Thanks

Shannon Gillespie (Headgirl)

Ziggy Shipper - Holocaust Survivor meets members of the Student Council

St John Bosco School Council meet once per half term to discuss school issues and feedback from their year group.  From the latest meeting:

You said: We want a sandwich collection point to lower waiting times for cold lunches
We: added a sandwich collection point at the bottom of The Hill

You said : Queues in the dining room are too long
We: added barriers to keep a more orderly queue system and introduced more service points

You said:  We want a notice board for school council related notices
We: are adding one by the exit doors in the dining room

You said: Can we have water fountains around school to fill our bottles?
We: have ordered the fountains and are just waiting for them to be plumbed in

You said: We’d like a Technology and an Art Club
We: have passed on these comments to Miss Crowley and Mr McGuinness and will keep you informed of when the clubs will be

You said: Can we take our jumpers off when it is warm?
We: agree to jumpers & blazers off in classrooms for lessons but require you to wear them around school between lessons

Our school council met early in January with the following actions from the student voice:

You said:  Can Years 7- 11 use Reflections Café afterschool?
We: said yes

You said: The ‘Clevertouch’ board is too small to see in assembly
We: have invested in a large screen that is being delivered shortly to use on The Hill

You said: Can we use the ‘green bridges’ to cross to Centre point?
We: said yes

You: Asked for road safety to be raised as an issue
We: have contacted Liverpool Council and will address road safety in assemblies

You: Think some girls are dropping litter instead of using bins
We: will address this with girls and also give the head girl an opportunity to speak to all year groups