To apply for Schools Direct you will need to complete the online application on the UCAS Website at If you would like to be considered for our School Direct places you would need to select St John Bosco School as your lead school when applying (Provider Code 1FU). The deadline for applications is 15th June 2018. We will be holding our first round of interviews in November, but there will be additional interview dates across the course of the academic year.

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What are we looking for in a candidate?

We are looking to recruit talented candidates who have the qualities and attributes suited to a career in teaching and the drive and ambition to make it happen.

The sorts of personal qualities we are looking for are:

  • A friendly and approachable nature
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Organisation and time management
  • Resilience 
  • A passion for your subject
  • A positive outlook
  • A creative and innovative approach
  • The ability to reflect on and improve practice
  • Potential leadership capabilities


  • A degree classification of 2:1 or above in all subject areas, apart from Maths, Physics, Chemistry, MFL and Geography which we would accept a 2:2 or above. 
  • The degree must be in a related academic subject area.
  • GCSE in Mathematics and English Language Grade C or above.

As a condition of offer all students must pass tests in Literacy and Numeracy prior to starting the course. You will also be required to have school experience. If you do not currently have school experience you may still apply but must state how you intend to gain this. 

Subject enhancement courses are available for some secondary subjects. If your degree subject does not link to your chosen teaching subject, it is recommended that you undertake a subject knowledge enhancement course (SKE) before you begin training.

How can I gain School Experience?

Sometimes it can be difficult to gain school experience. With that in mind, you can gain School Experience with our Alliance prior to your Initial Teaching Training (ITT) year. Enquiries should be made to Mrs Jane Kennedy.


Why choose School Direct as a way to train?

  • You will spend more time in school than trainees on a ‘traditional’ PGCE route.
  • You will be training alongside outstanding teachers and lead professionals.
  • You will receive excellent professional development within our partnership schools and with our University Partner.
  • You will experience the diversity of excellent education providers in different types of schools with different specialisms within our School Partnership.
  • You will still have access to University facilities e.g. libraries, lectures etc.
  • You will gain a PGCE with QTS through Liverpool Hope University. Masters Accreditation can be awarded on successful completion of assignments across the year.
  • You will be supported in seeking employment on successful completion of training.

This all sounds great, where do I sign up?

In order to join us via School Direct, candidates should apply through the following link.

What experience do I need?

It is advised that candidates have approximately 10 days experience in a secondary school setting. Having some experience in a school is an advantage as it will assist you throughout the recruitment process.  If you haven’t had any school experience, this should not prevent you from applying but would be made a condition of any offer. As previously stated we may be able to signpost you to opportunities across our Alliance.

I’d love to apply, but it’s years since I was at school and my subject knowledge is a bit rusty.

Don’t worry!  Candidates who can demonstrate that they have an aptitude for teaching during their interview, but who don’t quite meet the university’s requirements for subject knowledge may be offered an opportunity to complete a Teacher Subject Specialism Training (TSST) or Subject Knowledge Enhancement (SKE) course before starting teacher training with St John Bosco Teaching School Alliance.

The TSST courses are available in Maths, MFL, Science and Geography.

Some TSST courses are funded by the government.

Click here for more information.

Will I have a job at the end of all this?

Whilst there can be no guarantee of employment, our track record is outstanding with 100% in teaching, the majority within Liverpool schools. St John Bosco Teaching School will support you through the application process to secure your first teaching post. Trainees would be required to go through a full and formal application process for any vacancies.

Teaching School Contact Info

Mrs Jane Kennedy
Position : Teaching School Director
Phone : 0151 235 1620
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Teaching School Contact Info

Miss Natasha Waters
Position : Teaching School Administrator
Phone : 0151 235 1620
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