"I was first attracted to the School Direct programme due to the focus that is given to spending as much time in the classroom as possible. This focus on in-school experience allowed me to be present at my Home placement from the very first day of term, as opposed to joining the school midway through a term, as is the case with the standard PGCE route."

"The experience I have gained due to this has been invaluable. Currently, I am teaching the same amount of lessons as an NQT and my abilities as a teacher are growing day by day. Despite the heavy focus on in-school training, the theoretical side of our training is still adequately catered for with numerous subject and Masters days placed throughout the year at Hope University."

"St. John Bosco provided a wide variety of CPD sessions that allowed me to consolidate what I learnt through my classroom practice with a sound theoretical context."

"Having the opportunity to return to your Home placement for the summer term I believe is a unique opportunity to complete your training where you began."

"Overall, what I would recommend about School Direct is the amount of teaching experience you gain compared to that offered on the standard PGCE programme. Coupled with the necessary theories, the practical experience I have gained has given me a more realistic insight into what life will be like as an NQT."

"I have found the programme to be extremely rewarding; both in terms of my teaching experience and practice but also in terms of building relationships with fellow teachers and support staff."

"Being able to build relationships with the students and having that moment where something clicks and they learn what you have been trying to teach, or the moment you realise that you have truly made a difference."

" The school itself is amazing. You couldn't ask for a better environment to learn in; the students are wonderful, the access to technology is unparalleled and the building has an amazing atmosphere. I look forward to coming into work every day."

"In addition, choosing St John Bosco as the destination for my teacher training has been a decision that I have not shown one ounce of regret over. The schools ethos is outstanding and there is a true sense of community, something which I now feel I am part of. The staff have made me feel extremely welcome and, the history staff in particular have helped me develop and progress as a future teacher."

"You are immersed in a classroom environment almost immediately, and learn so much even in the first couple of weeks observing and gradually building up to teaching solo lessons. The support available both from my subject mentor in school, the university tutors, and especially the programme leader Jane, is fantastic. I have developed and learnt so much, both professionally and personally, and found the experience incredibly rewarding."