Choosing St John Bosco Training Alliance

St John Bosco Teaching School Alliance is a fantastic place to work and learn.  It provides a unique school based learning opportunity in partnership with Liverpool Hope University.

This is an inspirational partnership of secondary and primary schools, Liverpool Hope University, School Improvement Liverpool and the Archdiocese of Liverpool.  All of our schools are at the cutting edge of teaching and learning.  The vision is straightforward but powerful - all students to succeed through the highest standards of education and care.  We prepare our young people to be global citizens, ready to take on the world, secure of their place in society.

We create an environment in which staff, pupils and trainee teachers alike feel valued and supported. We have worked with trainee teachers for many years and we fully recognise how much vibrancy, enthusiasm and drive they can offer to a school community.

Our partnership of schools is led by St John Bosco Teaching School and comprises a mixture of faith, specialisms, primary and secondary schools.  All of our schools are conveniently located, which means trainees can engage with more than one school in the partnership.  We provide a unique opportunity to experience a diverse and contrasting range of teaching and training experiences.

Students across the partnership are happy, friendly and well-behaved and are at the heart of everything we do.  Both staff and students are ambitious and confident.  Many consistently out-perform their national peers and make significantly more progress.

Our region has a number of major employers with which the partnership work to provide genuine employment links and experiences for students and staff.

Our staff are our most valuable resource and have a proven track record in training and professional development. All are excellent practitioners. They are eager to share their knowledge and practice of exemplary behaviour management techniques, ensuring high quality teaching and learning experiences along with many other skills with the next generation of teachers.