Information for Parents and Students

What is Safeguarding?

Safeguarding refers to the processes adopted by our college community for actively observing, monitoring, reporting and recording ALL matters which may potentially put our students at risk of harm or abuse.

ALL staff have a safeguarding responsibility and receive annual training on this, we work together to keep the students in our care safe and well. 

The ‘Safeguarding Team’ – Child Protection

The staff responsible for ensuring that Safeguarding processes and reporting are maintained are:

  • M​iss S Forster - Head of Care and Safeguarding / DDSL / LAC Lead
  • M​rs C Roberts - Deputy Headteacher/Designated Safeguarding Lead
  • Mr D Gidman - Headteacher/ Safeguarding Officer
  • Mr E Cassidy - Deputy Headteacher/Safeguarding Officer
  • Miss L Crowley - Assistant Headteacher/ Safeguarding Officer/ Designated Teacher of LAC
  • Mr D Boyle - Assistant Headteacher/Safeguarding Officer
  • Miss C Lyon - Assistant Headteacher/Safeguarding Officer
  • Mrs J Sullivan - Assistant Headteacher/Safeguarding Officer
  • Mrs T Mathias - Oratory Manager / Safeguarding Officer
  • M​rs M Murphy - ECT & School Direct Support Officer / Safeguarding Officer
  • P​C Caroline - Community Police Officer
  • Mrs A Cain - Safeguarding Link Governor



Prevent is a government strategy designed to stop people becoming terrorists or supporting terrorists of extreme causes. It covers all types of terrorism and extremism, including political and religious extremism.


O​nline Safety

We take the safety of every member of our College community very seriously including their safety whilst using technology.  We have measures in place to protect our students while they are working online in school and we educate them on the importance of staying safe when they are not in school.  This section of our website contains information about keeping young people safe when they are using computers, mobile phones and gaming technology.

S​tudent ICT Acceptable Use Agreement

U​seful Websites

Safety Net Kids

Think Before You Click

BBC Webwise

Merseyside Police - Top Tips to Stay Safe Online

Further Safeguarding Information

0800 1111

Further Information regarding CCE.

Merseyside Violence Reduction Partnership have developed a campaign to raise awareness about the impact of Child Criminal Exploitation (CCE).























Bereavement Information



St John Bosco has been lucky to work with an organisation called Rainbows. Rainbows offer support to young people and families who have had a bereavement. More information from them can be found on their website.







Neuro Love



This site has been designed for young people. It aims to spread love at a time when you may be feeling worried, lonely and in need of some additional support or someone to talk to.







ASC - Post Diagnostic Learning Programme