Joining Us 

At St John Bosco Arts College we work very hard to support the children whilst making the move from Year 6 to Year 7. We want this to be a happy and stress-free experience.


We run a series of transition projects to help ensure students make the move into secondary a successful one. Some of these projects include:

Year 5 Fun Day - A taster day for Year 5 students. This happens during the summer term before students move into year 6.

Open Evening - An opportunity to come and visit the school, visit all our departments meeting the staff and students.

Transition Evening - A short meeting with a member of our staff team. This is an opportunity to ask questions and help us to get to know you a little more.

Year 6 Transition Day - A full day of activities, meeting other new starters and your teachers.

Summer School - A week long activity week during held at the start of the summer break. This is a brilliant chance to get to know staff, meet new friends and get to know the school building.

The School Chaplain also runs 2 transition projects for students in Year 6 that have gained a place in Year 7.

Big Fish Little Fish - a project in conjunction with our feeder primary schools.  Aimed at those students who need extra support with the transition to secondary school, students are identified by primary teachers. Students will then be invited to spend 3 morning sessions here at St John Bosco Arts College.

The Climb - this project involves children coming to our school from across the city. Our School Chaplain will visit the student in her primary school; students are then invited to spend one full day here at St John Bosco Arts College to spend time with our Year 7 students.

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