Joining Us 

At St John Bosco Arts College we work very hard to support the children whilst making the move from Year 6 to Year 7. We want this to be a happy and stress-free experience.


To help you and your child ensure St John Bosco Arts College is the right fit, we run some transition projects prior to the application deadline. These are a great opportunities to come into our school, meet some of the staff and current students and get a feel for the building and vibrant atmosphere.

Year 5 Fun Day - A taster day for Year 5 students. This happens during the summer term before students move into year 6.

Open Evening - An opportunity to come and visit the school, visit all our departments meeting the staff and students.

If you choose to apply and are awarded a place with us - We run a series of transition projects to help ensure students move onto secondary school life is a successful one.

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