Numeracy is everywhere. Whether we want to buy something at the supermarket, calculate cost of an item in a sale, work out the exchange rate on holiday, rent a property or apply for a mortgage or loan, having strong numerical skills is essential.

At St. John Bosco we place Numeracy at the centre of our teaching.Through interventions, form time activities, competitions and a strong focus on using numeracy in all subjects, numeracy is embedded across the curriculum. Every member of staff at our College is completely committed to developing ever more engaging and innovative ways to incorporate numeracy into their subject.

Feeling confident with Numeracy and having strong numerical skills provides the key to giving our pupils the skills they need to achieve. Whatever our pupils want to do with their lives, be it become an engineer or a politician or a scientist or entrepreneur, or a town planner or a store manager or a designer or a banker or a social worker or a teacher, or a vast range of other careers, numeracy opens doors. We encourage our pupils to dream big, and we equip them with the skills they need to achieve their goal!

Numeracy Bugs

Numeracy High Fliers

Numeracy Mastery Days

Numeracy Toolkit

Mathematician of the Term

Liverpool Counts

Numeracy Catch-up Premium

  • Summer school on Numeracy

  • Level up club

  • 1-1 maths sessions

  • Outside Support for Students

  • Increase in Maths teachers

  • Extracurricular activities

  • Targeted resources

  • Use of Ipads

  • My maths and other electronic resources

  • Support evenings in developing Numeracy

  • Dedicated Maths teaching assistant

  • Super learning days focussed on Numeracy

  • Key primary transition sessions