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Toffee Apple Break

November 6th will see a lovely treat for all our girls with a toffee or chocolate apple for break. …more

Staying Safe

In order to keep our students safe and out of harms way during the festivities at this time of the year, our colleagues at Merseyside Police have shared some advice and information to help you and your daughter enjoy this time safely. Know the law: Only certain people are allowed to buy or use …more

Year 11 Mock Preparation Week

Next week Year 11 will be involved in ‘Mock Preparation Week’ from Monday to Thursday. It is vital your daughter attends every day to ensure she has the information she needs around exams and 6th form places. The format of the week is as follows: …more

Volcano fun.

Our year 9 Geographers got really creative during their recent lesson. They made shield and composite volcanoes out of play doh showing various features such as the vents, magma chamber and crater. The girls had a great lesson and produced some excellent models. …more

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