Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day is celebrated each year on 22nd April. Earth Day's mission is to diversify, educate and activate the environmental movement worldwide. Find out more here; What is Earth Day, when is it and what has it achieved?

The 2024 theme, "Planet vs. Plastics", aims to raise awareness of the harms of plastic pollution for human and planetary health.

To mark Earth Day, explore facts about the environment and the challenges facing our planet in the BBC iPlayer Earth Day collection or check out the National Literacy Trust's Earth Day booklist recommendations.

Earth Day Reading List

Planet Protectors

Today is the day that we demonstrate support for environmental protection around the world. You can get involved at home, with the theme of Planet vs Plastic this year. Attached below are some things you can do at home with your families if you wish!

Earth Day Menu - At Home

This week in our Eco Club - Planet Protectors we will be creating bird feeders and continuing to plant the many seeds that have been kindly donated (thank you, we love it, please keep them coming!) We have our sunflowers taking off in Business 2 classroom, but our oak seeds are still growing their roots.

We also have a beautiful weigela and buddleia plant to go into our Prayer garden that should attract our wonderful bees and butterflies once flowered!

Our trees from the Tree Council are also taking root and will hopefully grow beautifully under the watchful eye of Our Lady.

For any Year 7 or 8 students who want a bit of nature therapy, please join us on Tuesday after school, 3-4pm, to make our bird feeders with us meeting in GG1.

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