Extra Curricular

At St John Bosco we have an excellent timetable of extra curricular activities to offer our students. This enriches the students experience at school and allows them to try new things, expand their knowledge and skills and share in new experiences with other students.

key stage 3 clubs autumn 2016.pdf

key stage 4 after school timetable 2017.pdf

Philosophers Circle

On Friday’s we ask ‘Why?’

St John Bosco Arts College now has its own after school club - ‘Philosopher’s Circle’. This is a great opportunity for all year groups to develop critical thinking skills and make some new friends! Established by our head girl, Shannon Gillespie, to bring together the pupils of St John Bosco to try and answer the ‘Big Questions of Life’!

It aims to improve debating abilities, and above all else –confidence. At St. John Bosco we believe it is very important that our girls feel heard and appreciated.

“I’m eager to get the girls thinking outside the box and hopefully encourage the girls to establish their own opinions and be able to support them with evidence!
I hope that the club will become a fixed addition to the schools wide range of extra-curricular activities that we currently have available!”

We have no limit to the amount of pupils who can join, so please feel free to drop in and have a friendly discussion or ask for support in any religious or philosophical studies!