Introduction This policy statement sets out the school’s arrangements for managing the access of providers to students at the school for the purpose of giving them information about the provider’s education or training offer. This complies with the school’s legal obligations under Section 42A and …more

Extra Curricular

At St John Bosco Arts College we have an exciting timetable of extra-curricular activities to offer ALL students. The extra-curricular offer complements the taught curriculum, and goes further in enriching the school experience, allowing students to try new things, expand their knowledge and share …more


The aim of PE at St John Bosco is for all students to be inspired and have the confidence to take part in sport, both now and in the future. The department strive to do this by educating minds, developing healthy bodies, and promoting positive attitudes towards lifetime physical activity, fitness, …more


Numeracy is everywhere. We use it in every aspect of our lives. When we go to the supermarket, when we cook, when we go on holiday, when we rent a property or apply for a mortgage or loan, when we use transport, or increasingly just to make sense of the world and news, having strong numerical …more


Intent Literacy is fundamental for academic achievement and success in life beyond the classroom. If students are not able to read, write and communicate effectively (with fluency and at an age appropriate level) they will be unable to access the rest of the curriculum. We strive to ensure that …more

College Rules

1 . Movement about the building always walk in single file keep to the right in corridors and on stairs no shouting so as not to disturb other students in lessons do not push; accidents can be avoided! 2. Dress correct uniform – blouses to be tucked in neatly, blazers must be worn outdoor …more


We know how important it is to work hard to achieve our potential. However, it is really important to relax and take some time out. So below we are going to post some weekly booklets with some tips and hints on taking some time to relax and regain your energy. Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week …more


GUIDELINES FOR THE COMPLETION OF HOMEWORK Homework can encompass a range of activities, formal and informal. Homework will be tailored to meet the needs of all students, showing developments through each key stage. Homework can extend the creativity that has been developed within the classroom. …more


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