Sixth Form

    Welcome to Our Sixth Form

    A warm welcome to St John Bosco Arts College SixthForm Our sixth form provision aims to provide our students with the highest possible academic outcomes, whilst allowing them to flourish as individuals. At St John Bosco, we combine academic excellence with extensive individual support, enabling... more

    Welcome from Our PPC

    I consider it a great pleasure and privilege to work with the KS5 students at our college where we provide a caring and supportive environment for each and every person. Our aim is for each student to excel in every aspect of study and college life so that they can become the best that they can be... more

    Understanding of UMS

    What is UMS? UMS stands for Uniform Mark Scheme. UMS results are a way of making sure people get the right grade, no matter when they took a particular unit. If students sit the same paper a year apart, due to different questions, it’s possible one exam might be slightly more difficult than... more

    Useful Websites

      The following websites will enable you to search for suitable universities / courses, and assist with your financial planning and application process.  UCAS  - Search for courses on the UCAS site  -... more

    Bursary Form (PDF)

    bursaryform2.pdf... more

    Head Girl & Senior Prefects

    Hannah Sergeant - Head Girl Annie Edgar - Deputy Head Girl Margaret Trzeciecka and Stephanie Chute – Transition Ambassadors Katie Frear – Transition and Salesian Ambassador.... more

    Application Form

    Please find our Sixth Form application form.  sixth form application form 2017-2018.pdf For any further information please contact the college 0151 235 1620  ... more