We are committed to the highest standards in all aspects of College life. The appearance of each member of the community gives an impression of the College and is an indication of our loyalty to the ethos of the school. The public often judges the College by the appearance of the pupils both in school and on their way to and from home. Uniform, proudly worn, often tells us about the attitudes of the students to other aspects of College life, such as learning, courtesy and general behaviour.

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  • To encourage the students to identify with their College;

  • To promote and encourage, among the students, a pride in their uniform and hence in their College;

  • To make the uniform as reasonably priced as possible, apart from the PE Kit and Blazer, the rest of the uniform can now be purchased from any high street store;

  • To avoid competition among the students in terms of wearing designer clothing.



  • Full uniform must be worn at all times, including travel to and from College. Blazers may be hung on the backs of chairs during lessons;

  • A clear list of requirements will be provided to all new students. This will include the addresses of our uniform providers;

  • Uniform guidelines include rules regarding jewellery, make-up and hairstyles which are regularly communicated to pupils;

  • The type of footwear worn by the students is also important as there are issues around health and safety especially in workshops and laboratories;

  • Hairstyles must always be in keeping with College uniform and a place of work. It should, therefore, be in a simple style, not dyed, or with extensions and with only bobbles, hairbands or ribbons which are in keeping with the school colours;

  • Students should be encouraged to keep their uniforms clean and tidy;

  • Any changes will be made following consultation.

Uniform lists and suppliers

Blazers and PE Kits and all branded items are currently supplied by:

Lisa’s Schoolwear, 275 E Prescot Rd, Liverpool L14 2DB Tel: 0151 259 8277

B​rienda Ltd Schoolwear Specialists( Alpha Schoolwear) 74 Muirhead Ave E, Liverpool L11 1EL Tel: 0151 226 3333

Main school

  • Branded Blazer

  • Grey Skirt / Pinafore / Trousers

  • Grey V-Neck Jumper (branded or plain alternative)

  • Revere Collar Shirt

  • Grey socks or tights

  • Black flat shoes

  • Branded PE Top

  • Branded PE Shorts

Year 7 to 11 Uniform

P​.E Kit


6th Form

  • Black Branded Cardigan / V-neck Jumper (or plain alternative)

  • Skirt / Pinafore / Trousers

  • Revere Collar Shirt

  • Black socks or tights

  • Black flat shoes






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