A Successful Application

Many congratulations for applying to a successful secondary school where our students are happy, hardworking and successful; they thrive in a Salesian ethos which promotes Christian values, high expectations and exemplary behaviour. We aim to provide every child with the ability to develop lively, enquiring and creative minds, and the skills and abilities to reach the highest personal and academic standards.

Once you have received notification from the LEA stating your application has been successful it is important that you confirm your acceptance/decline of the place in writing as soon as possible as the school has a waiting list. You can do this by emailing office@stjohnbosco.org.uk or you can write to the school.

Once Your place is confirmed you will ne notified of dates for the following activities:

  • Intake Appointments - Where we meet with new students and their Parents and Carers
  • Transition Day at St John Bosco Arts College



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