The aim of PE at St John Bosco is for all students to be inspired and have the confidence to take part in sport, both now and in the future. The department strive to do this by educating minds, developing healthy bodies, and promoting positive attitudes towards lifetime physical activity, fitness, and sports skills. Sport provides development challenges like no other learning domain and contributes to a truly holistic development experience for pupils and staff.

The PE department provide opportunities to engage everyone through a diverse, challenging, multi-sport experience at all ages across all abilities. Whether an aspiring Olympian or for social and recreational purposes, we recognise the significant mental and physical benefits that come with regular play and competition. Equally we recognise the development of fundamental behaviours that emerge by participating and competing in sport. The skills and behaviours developed through sport including self-regulation, leadership, adaptability, self-awareness, confidence and social-emotional understanding have gone on to help many to succeed in careers beyond sport. We provide an array of leadership opportunities and qualifications including FA sports leaders, Indoor Athletics Leaders and Young Netball Leaders for both KS3 and 4 pupils, furthermore each pupil is encouraged to demonstrate leadership skills in every lesson, with some representing the school as young leaders for Primary Sports days.

We promote and support several pupils who are currently competing at higher level sports such as representing Everton Football Club as a Ladies Development Player, competing for the Great British boxing squad or participating in Gymnastic competitions in Austria. Although we experience sporting success such as our year 10 Athletics squad being Liverpool City Champions or the Badminton Squad representing the city at County Finals, the department’s priority is to be fully inclusive and to give every child the opportunity to play regardless of their ability. We offer a wide range of extra curricula activities as can be seen on the timetable below to allow enjoyment at all levels.

The emphasis throughout our curriculum is that students can engage with more than the traditional practical elements of Physical Education, this is reflected in our CHAMP assessment method used throughout KS3 (C – coaching, H – health and fitness, A – application and skills, M – mastery, P – performance). At St John Bosco PE we assess pupils in both practical and theoretical methods at all Key stages, recognising that success in sport comes in a variety of aspects, not simply in a pupil's ability to play but also in their knowledge of the rules of the game or specific anatomy and physiology linked to different sports. Data shows that the diverse methods of assessment enable all learning styles to flourish. 

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