College Rules

1. Movement about the building

  • always walk in single file
  • keep to the right in corridors and on stairs
  • no shouting so as not to disturb other students in lessons
  • do not push; accidents can be avoided!

2. Dress

  • correct uniform – blouses to be tucked in neatly, blazers must be worn
  • outdoor coats must be removed on entering the building and stored in lockers.

3. Jewellery – Students may only wear

  • a watch
  • one pair of plain gold studs where they have pierced ears, in the lobe of the ear only. This is for safety and security reasons.

4. Facial Piercings

  • on the grounds of health & safety any facial piercing (including tongues) is not acceptable. Students will not be allowed to be in college at any time with any
    facial piercing.

5. Hair

  • dyed hair, braids with beads or extensions are not allowed
  • in the interest of hygiene and safety long hair must be tied back
  • ribbons or bobbles must be plain white, pink or grey.

6. Make Up / Nail Varnish

  • any girl arriving at college wearing these items will be asked to remove them.

7. Smoking

  • is a health and safety hazard and is strictly forbidden in college
  • any breach of this rule will be treated very seriously.

8. Chewing Gum

  • is not allowed in college. There should be no chewing or eating in the classroom.

9. Other Forbidden Items

  • magazines, matches/cigarette lighters
  • bottles of liquid paper, canned drinks/drinks in glass bottles.
  • fizzy drinks or ‘energy’ drinks.

10.Mobile Phones including smart watches and other such devices

  • must be turned off and locked safely in student lockers. Students are NOT
    allowed to carry them around in pockets.
  • must not be used to take photographs in school.

11. Money

  • look after money carefully. If you have to bring money for college purposes, pay
    it immediately in to the right person
  • for other use, hand it in at the office for safe keeping.

12. Lockers

  • each student will be provided with a secure locker in which to store
    equipment, books, bags and coats
  • if a key is lost then there is a replacement charge.

13. Essential Equipment

Every student is expected to provide the following basic items of equipment:

  • pens – blue or black ink only
  • pencils, pencil sharpener and rubber
  • coloured pencils
  • 30cm ruler

All of this should be brought to college in a suitable bag which should be locked in your locker during the college day.


  • for reasons of safety no student should touch windows, blinds or curtains.

15. Environment

  • keep the college buildings and grounds clean and tidy.

16.Travelling to/from college

  • you represent your college when travelling locally and are easily identifiable by
    your uniform. Our reputation depends on the way you behave in the neighbourhood.

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