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Welcome to the St John Bosco Arts College Staff Portal - a space for our school community of staff. If there is anything you would like to add, recipes, thought for the day, ideas for keeping everyone's spirits up just let Caroline Waters know :)


Please find some ideas for reflection and resources from Anne Quirk, Liverpool Archdiocese and our wider Salesian family.   Read more

Useful Links

Home Workout Links Instagram: chloehinniganx YouTube:   Read more

Home Workout

Below you can see some home workouts to help get you moving and keep fit. A great instagram account to follow is chloehinniganx go give her a follow for more ideas. Video 1 Video 2 Video 3 Video 4 Video 5   Read more


Here are the fab recipes from Jane Kennedy [and the yummy chocolate brownie recipe from Amy Armstrong]. Thank you! Butterfly Cakes Chocolate Lover's Brownies Flapjacks Golden Vegetable Soup Jambalaya Lemon Drizzle Cake Melting Moments Spanish Pork Shortbread Slow Cooked Chunky Gunpowder Chilli Slow Cooker Spicy Chicken Curry Spicy Tomato Soup Tomato and Basil Ragu Chilli Cheese   Read more

Quiz : questions and answers

Emoji Quiz Questions Quiz 1 : Questions Quiz 2 : Questions Quiz 3 : Questions Quiz 4 : Questions Quiz 5 : Questions Quiz 6 : Questions Emoji Quiz : Answers Quiz 1 : Answers Quiz 2 : Answers Quiz 4 : Answers Quiz 5 : Answers   Read more

The Bosco Blog

Day 6 : Amy Armstrong Day 7 : Jess Houghton   Read more

Pet profiles

Tell us about your pets!! Jayne Sullivan: Bee, Bear, Oogway, Merry and Pippin Here are my 2 monsters; Bee and Bear. Bee is 3 on Monday 4th May, (of course we’ll have a party for her and she’ll have her own cake, just in case you were wondering!) We’ve had Bee since she was 8 weeks old. My mother in law has her brother ‘Chip’ and they love spending time together. She is such a little   Read more

Reading and audio

The boy, the mole, the fox and the horse by Charlie Mackesy recommended by Anne Quirk My favourite book of the moment is a book I got from my daughter at Christmas, if you have it already I’m sure you share my opinion of it being just beautiful! It has very few words and beautiful drawings that say so much! I often read some of the pages to our girls in school because of its uplifting and simple   Read more

Other information and activities

Meaningful May Art Ideas Templates and colouring ideas. Art Science Liam Kirk If you’re reading this wondering whatever am I going to do today then you’re in luck! I thought I would share with you a number of STEM activities which you can attempt on your own or with whomever you’re stuck in isolation with. Give them a go and see where the Science takes you! Science is not just in the   Read more

Headteacher Daily Message

Good morning colleagues I hope this day finds you all well. At this moment in time I appear to be constantly planning future opportunities for our young people with the SLT team. Looking into the future and anticipating what the new landscape may look like is a challenge but one that we are ready to face. Throughout this crisis I have felt that we have continually developed how we have supported   Read more

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