Lest We Forget - Poetry Competition

Reflect on the realities of war and conflict, and the hope for peace...

Lest We Forget invites 4-18 year-olds to write a poem in any style on the theme of war and peace.

Poems can be about your own experiences, or about something you have learnt at school.

If budding poets are looking for inspiration, here are some ideas:
· The sadness of war
· The hope of peace
· The courage of soldiers
· The innocence of children
· From someone else’s point of view
· What it's like to have a family member in active service
· Write for Remembrance Day

Poems can be written or typed, and there is no line or word limit - let creativity and expression flow!
Poems could be published in a special poetry book about war and peace. Plus, Young Writers' favourite poets will also win a prize!

The power of your words can make a difference, it's time to share children and young adults' messages about these important subjects and make the reader stop and think. Lest We Forget.

Entries to Miss Kinsella in the library before the closing date: Friday 17th November 2023.

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