Winners all around!

Over the last year, several of our incredible students have been selected for publication for their short stories or poems. 

In recognition of Pi Day, an annual celebration of the mathematical constant, Young Writers asked young people to create stories inspired by numbers. Three of our students crafted 100-word short stories, and their work was selected for publication. 

Congratulations to Leo W, 9B, Demi-Lea M, 10B, and Aya B, 10B, whose work is published in the short story collection Integer - Astonishing Adventures. 

Leo W said: “When I found out I was going to be published, it was the best feeling ever! I also hope that this be the first of many more future publications!”

Shortly after, Young Writers were back with another challenge. This time, they asked secondary school students to write a poem to change the world. 

'You deserve to have your voice heard, and we are ready to listen. Your world, your words.' 

Some of our fantastic eco-warriors responded, and seven had their work chosen nationally for publication. A huge congratulations to Angel L, 9J, Charlie-Jo T, 8S, Chelsea G, 11C, Miruna H, 8C, Poppy-Mae F, 8J, Sadie O, 10J, and Taylor W, 8C. 

Each of the poets was given a certificate, a limited-edition Power of Poetry bookmark and a copy of the poetry anthology Written in Ink, which they can read their very own passionate and powerful poetry! 

In the summer of 2023, Young Writers challenged secondary school students to write a mini saga in the thrilling world of crime and mystery with Unsolved. 

Our true crime fans jumped at the chance to get involved, and three of those who submitted their sagas were published. A massive congratulations to our authors, Lily B, 8C, Demi-Lea M, 10B, and Taylor W, 8C. 

Each student was given a certificate, a limited-edition Unsolved bookmark, and a copy of the short story collection of Unsolved - Tales of Peril, where their work features. 

In May 2023, some of our young budding poets took centre stage in the Poetry Idol 2023 competition, where children of all school ages were asked to write a poem about their favourite person. 

Two of our incredible students were selected for publication. Congratulations to Angel L, 9J and Darcy May T, 11C. Both students received limited edition bookmarks, and their work was featured in two separate anthologies, Poetry Idol- Across the Page and  Poetry Idol – Creative Stars. 

At the end of the academic year, to celebrate all their amazing hard work, Young Writers asked students of all ages nationally to submit their best work to the Annual Showcase – from stories and poems to blog posts and essays, student could choose any writing they had done. 

A number of students submitted their work for consideration and five of them were ultimately selected to appear in print! 

Congratulations go to Maize R, 7C, Georgia-Mae L-W, 8C, Angel L, 9J, Ellie M, 11B, and Ava-Rose T, 11S.

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