Salesian Ethos - What does 'Salesian' mean...?

The word comes from a small place in Savoy called Sales the home of St. Francis, whom Don Bosco (Fr. Bosco) loved because of his simple and ordinary Spirituality. He found God in the ordinary everyday people and events of life. He found holiness in the ‘ordinary’, this really appealed to Don Bosco. Don Bosco followed this style of spirituality and lots of people were attracted to his lifestyle and work. He started a religious order and called it The Salesians

The Salesian ethos is not really something to be spoken about but it is to be experienced.

It is the whole tone of the whole college community …the character of a place …and very often it is something we sense as soon as we enter any community.

As a Salesian Catholic Art’s college, we are committed to our Mission Statement "In our school community we seek to nurture the gifts, dreams and talents of all in the spirit of St John Bosco".

Perhaps the main thing about our ethos is that it is based on the tradition of St. John Bosco

St. John Bosco, or Don Bosco, as he is more familiarly known, left behind him a system of education called The Preventive System and the whole ethos of our school is based on this system.

The big secret of success in Don Bosco's system is that the students know what is expected of them and that we try to remind them of the rules and prevent them from getting into trouble.

So, if we are going to prevent them getting into trouble we have to be is usually when there are no adults around that there is trouble! Don Bosco did not want his teachers to be there as "policemen" but as kind and helpful friends to the young. This takes time and means we have to know their world, share their interests and build up positive relationships with the young people.

We have to be aware of their problems and try to lead them away from harm.

Encourage and praise often …and to look out for what is good in each one of them.

Of course, there are times when the Salesian educator has to correct and punish. Don Bosco tells us we should never do this in anger. It should be done privately and patiently - taking time to listen to them and show that you are being fair.

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