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On Tuesday 17th and Wednesday 18th December 2013, St John Bosco Arts College hosted a production of Narnia. Our Creative Writing Club used the production to show off the skills they've learned in their Creative Writing class, by describing the event.

In a delightful school some think magic is happening........ The pupils from all years will be hosting a truly wonderful evening that will take you to a world like never before. Narnia has come to life in our very own hall. SJB will be hosting a magical and mystical night of fun, comedy and excitement for your entertainment! Step through the mysterious wardrobe with us...

The creative writing club have been lucky enough to watch the early stages of practice and already we were able to witness a real treat. The cast are funny, confident and well placed. Already, it felt like the group are coming together to produce something extraordinary. The four children from the story have a super chemistry that has us laughing and crying along with them. We were so lucky to experience such a treat in the early stages of rehearsals. We cannot stress how amazing this show will be! We beg you not to miss out.

Eden, Year 7

Narnia's night of magic!!

On the night of October 3rd 2013, the writing club's leader Miss Bevan had the most wonderful idea. We went down to the hall to see the rehearsal of the world in the wardrobe, also known as Narnia. It is a wonderful play full with humour, anticipation and wonder. We can guarantee that you will want to see it too!

Mr Gaffney has outdone himself with characters and storyline. Even in the early sates, we could see that this play is a real treat. With humour, powerful characters and joy you will be on the edge of your seat.

The play had a wonderful range of characters (all girls).The girls of the classes from y9, all the way up to y13 had a huge range of characters to pick from to play so they all had a role to participate in, and had a laugh making the play come to life.

Not so very long from now, a wondrous night of magic and mystery is taking over St. John Bosco. A world full of excitement and intrigue! The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe is set to take centre stage and send you to another world. Be part of it!

I would defiantly give it 5 stars its funny and a must see.

Bella, Year 7

Narnia, a mysterious world with bizarre characters and enchanting witches that will blow you away to a peculiar world!

Writing club was fortunate enough to come and watch the exclusive rehearsal of Narnia, the enchanting musical full of laughter and joy. The character of Lucy played with perfect postures and accents along with the character of Desmond, Lucy's mischievous brother who likes to wind her up. Everyone who has seen rehearsals of the wondrous play of Narnia by St. John Bosco, by the extremely talented Mr Gaffney, are itching with excitement to come and watch it!!! We can't help but feel a thrill at the prospect of joining this magical world.

The incredible crazy Mr Tumnus, the legs of goat the body of man, who finds Lucy wondering around the magical world, he will be waiting for you at the doors to have the best night of your life.

So what are you waiting for? Come and join our magical winter wonderland.

A magical wondrous mysterious world behind a old wooden wardrobe.

Chloe, Year 7

Narnia, a world of enchantment, mystical creatures and captivating characters. You will be swept off of your feet by the vague, mysterious lands. Enjoy...!

Today, Creative Writing Club was lucky enough to be invited to a brand new, exclusive rehearsal of... Narnia! We all were so excited and couldn't wait to experience the unbelievable, new production held at St John Bosco's very own centre stage! The team of future stars will blow you away!

Once we had arrived at the rehearsals, we were taken aback by the talent of the young actresses and their passion towards the show. They swept across the stage, bewitching the audience and rest of the cast. Their facial expressions entranced us, wanting us to watch more. You could see that the people involved were committed to the shows and were extremely enthusiastic about it.

The tale of Narnia enthrals and excites each person watching. Leaving you craving more action and adventure. The feral, ice hearted white queen, the abnormal, thoughtful Mr Tumness and the mischievous, playful children will allure you to the wondrous, impossible world of...


A magical world behind a dusty old door...

Do you dare to venture out more...?

Erin, Year 7

The Poster for the Event

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