Africa Oye comes to Bosco


This week we were delighted to welcome Diabel Cissokho from the Africa Oye Festival. Diabel has led a series of workshops with our Year 9 students. Diabel has a rich musical background, playing the Kora.He has played alongside many artists including, Paul McCartney, Amadou and Mariam and Damon Albarn. It was a wonderful to have musician with such skill working with our students.

Workshops were held with small groups of students where they learned about Senegal, watched a performance by the Diabel and participated in activities to help them understand the music-making process of 'Kafou'.

Organiser of the sessions Mr Hill said “This was an exceptional session, students were so engaged, they loved the music and activities. It was a pleasure for us all to hear about Senegal and the music making process. It has helped students to develop their knowledge and cultural literacy and to broaden their artistic and musical understanding”.

Students were able to practice their recall technique, they worked together to perform music and have learned new vocabulary. This was a fantastic workshop, a celebration of culture and learning.

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