Bosco's Talented Football Team Thrives on Amazing 3G Pitch in Midst of Tournament

Our amazing 3G pitch is the perfect location for our footballers to practice their skills and face their opponents.We met the team on a match day, they were midway through a tournament with four local schools and were about to play Gateacre School. The team is made up of some very skilled and talented Year 7 and 8 players and are looking forward to taking part in the Liverpool Schoolgirls tournament. One players said, “I love playing on our 3G pitch, getting to play here with my team makes me want to be the best footballer I can be”.

The team benefit from one of our own Year 10 students who is a brilliant coach, Poppy “Klopp” Taylor works with the team every week coaching and mentoring the younger players and loves it, Poppysaid “I love football and sharing that with the younger students. When you play football, you forget about all your problems and just enjoy the game”.

The extracurricular activity and team are run by Miss Hinnigan a member of our PE department. As a football fan herself she told us “Our team gives students the opportunity to play where they may not get chance to out of school, they are a brilliant team and learn so much about the game and themselves and we want to give them opportunities to achieve”.

Any students that want to get involved head over to the 3G Pitch on Tuesday after school and see if the great game is right for you.


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