Celebrating International Women's Day

Empowering Students for a Brighter Future 

Here at St John Bosco Arts College, International Women's Day was not just a date on the calendar; it was a vibrant celebration filled with activities aimed at empowering our students and inspiring them to embrace diversity, equality, and inclusion. From engaging talks to exciting scavenger hunts, here's a glimpse into the activities that took place for this special day. 

One of the highlights of the day was the insightful talk delivered by an all-female team of representatives from Merseyside Police. Year 10 students gathered on the hill to learn about the diverse range of roles within the police force, sparking aspirations and igniting passions for future careers in law enforcement. From constables to detectives, our students discovered that Merseyside Police offers opportunities beyond traditional patrolling, encouraging them to explore the myriad of possibilities open to them within this essential institution. 

Meanwhile, our Year 7 and 8 students had the privilege of hearing from lead producer, Eliza Willis, from Culture Liverpool. Through an engaging presentation, they learned about the dynamic world of project management, marketing, and creativity in the cultural sector. As they listened to stories of breaking boundaries and driving change, our students were inspired to envision themselves as future leaders in these exciting fields. 

Adding an element of fun and exploration, Miss Brittles and Miss Barclay organised a scavenger hunt, featuring famous women from around the world who have made indelible marks across various industries. From science to literature, students embarked on a quest to uncover the stories of these trailblazers, with prizes given to two of the most successful hunters.

Throughout the week leading up to International Women's Day, students were shown inspirational presentations and educational videos, delving into what International Women’s day is really about and some of the unconscious biases still existing today (you can watch the videos by clicking in the links).  

In the library, students and staff had the opportunity to add their International Women’s Day pledges to the tree and borrow books about inspirational women breaking boundaries and stereotypes all around the world. Check out the books available here; International Women’s Day booklist.

With each activity, conversation, and shared moment, we took another step towards creating a world where bias, stereotypes, and discrimination are relics of the past.  

International Women's Day may have come and gone, but its spirit continues to inspire us every day. These activities served as reminders of the endless possibilities available to our students, regardless of gender, and encouraged them to dream big and aim high. 

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