City Champions

The Bosco Athletics team had a great time at the City Athletics Championships. Taking part in a range of sports from running short and long distances to the jumping and throwing events, students took their event seriously and gave everything they had to their performance. As always, they were a fantastic team, supporting each other and cheering each other on as they stepped up for their chosen sport. With over 24 schools involved there was fierce competition and each and every one of the students did their very best.

There were some great successes with lots of medals coming back to school. Some of the highlights were:

Year 7:

Sophie N - 1st in 100m

Maisie M - 2nd in 1500m

Stephanie B - 2nd Discuss

Year 10:

Lauren P - 1st in 300m

Molly T - 2nd in 800m

Aaliyah S - 2nd in high jump

Rachel M - 3rd in Discuss

Year 10 relay Team - 3rd

Congratulations to the whole team, we’re very proud of all your performances and all the hard work you put into the training.

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