Code Breakers: School Coding Club Unleashes the Next Generation of Tech Geniuses

Students are welcomed at coding club to learn new technologies and all the amazing things we can do with computers. Esther in Year 7 says “I love computers and I love that I can learn how to make it do all the things I want.”

Students have been working on Python, a coding language often used for web design and software development. Students have been developing their own games. Esther has designed hers around the game “Rock, Paper, Scissors”.

Mrs Hulme started coding when she was at University “I loved how free I could be learning how to design programmes the way I wanted them to be” Barack Obama while president said "Don't just play on your phone, program it".

Coding club is open to everyone in school, they are excited to welcome new members. They can be found in the computing classroom every Monday after school. If you think you could be the next Steve Jobs come along and have a go.



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