Community in Action

Claire Wharmby is our transition coordinator and works with our community partners helping to keep St John Bosco at the heart of our community. We asked Claire to share her thoughts on why she loves her job and what is special about our community.

What does Community mean to you?

Community sometimes is a feeling. It is a sense of belonging and togetherness. I see it all the time in our school community, the primary schools I visit and the people we have visiting us. Community for me is all those people that are in our school family, you don’t have to be a staff member or student to be part of that, we have a really extended wider school family.

What is the greatest gift our community has given you?

I love the feeling of camaraderie I have working at St John Bosco with our community. I have got to know so many students during their primary years and it’s a real pleasure seeing them transition through to St John Bosco and flourish. It is wonderful to see all our schools working together for the benefit of our young people.

I also love seeing the end results of the project work we are able to undertake. We will be shortly performing our Primary production of Hairspray and the joy that the children get from working together across schools for the production is always fantastic. On those days of seeing the happiness of the students, their families and friends of the school I really believe I have the best job in the world.

Was the community of our school part of the decision for you to work at St John Bosco?

Community is important to me. As an ex-student at the school and a member of the local community I have seen first-hand the positive impact a school can have on a community. It was a very easy decision for me to come and work at St John Bosco, I really enjoy building strong links with our linked primaries and friends of our school.

What surprises you most about our community?

I am always blown away by the lengths people will go to support each other and make something possible. If I ever need anything for an activity or event all I have to do is ask. There is always someone willing to lend a hand or help. I have been so moved over the years with the positive relationships we have made and the bonds we have built as a community.

How can we all do more in our community?

This is easy, being open to knowing what is happening just beyond your doorstep and don’t be afraid to share your skills and talents. Everyone has something to share and there will always be someone who will need some help. It’s so fulfilling to see our young people flourish and that wouldn’t be possible without our whole community.

What is your favourite event on the calendar that celebrates our community?

I love Primary Choir of the Year, which we always hold it at Christmas and invite members of the community to be part of the audience and judging panel. It's such a festive and happy event I look forward to it every year.

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