Debate Mate 2023

Our Debating team got to stretch their skills at the Debate Mate Cup held at Liverpool John Moores University. Students from all secondary schools across the city took over the lecture theatre to battle it out with their cool logic and quick-witted responses. Team Bosco did not disappoint, they worked together to collect their arguments and won 3 of their showdowns.

The team was made up of students in years 8 and 9, all excited and eager to show their skills. They had spent time during their extracurricular time after school preparing their information. They were given the opportunity to prepare information around Teacher strikes making a change and were given the unseen topic at the event “Everyone has the right to go to University”.

Year 9 Team

Miah K
Precious B
Goodness T
Sadie O

Year 8 Team

Arleena A
Karina T
Hannah A
Nicole M

Huge congratulations to all the students that took part, you were calm under pressure, your research was fantastic, and you made some of the best arguments of the day. The winning teams were Cardinal Heenan and St Francis of Assisi, congratulations to them.

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