Dinosaur Day

Friday 30th June 2023 was the first ever DK Dinosaur Day!

Test your knowledge in the All About Dinosaurs Kahoot Course, check out a dinosaur book or pick up free stickers and bookmarks from the library (limited availability, whilst stock lasts). Or you could check out the exclusive videos from real life paleontologist >>



Your dinosaur questions answered with Dr Dean Lomax

Did dinosaurs have feelings? Why did a T. rex have such small arms? What is the smallest dinosaur ever?

DK put some of their favourite dinosaur questions they've received from kids to celebrated paleontologist and author Dr Dean Lomax. Watch his answers here. (Video length: 7:30)


A day in the life of a paleontologist with Emily Keeble

"One of the best bits of my job is being the first person ever to see what I’m seeing when I’m uncovering a fossil"

Paleontologist and DK author Emily Keeble is currently out in the field in the USA. In this video she talks about how she became a paleontologist, what she's currently working on and gives you a sneak peek into what life is like on an actual paleontology dig. Watch here. (Video length: 10:17)


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