Dodgeball Fundraiser

Year 10 held our last Lenten fundraiser of the year with a brilliant Staff v Student dodgeball tournament. It was a fast paced and energetic standoff and students were surprised by the competitiveness of their teachers. With Mrs Hulme and Mrs Welsh making some fantastic evasive moves, the staff team did suffer as they were outnumbered and after Mr Hill ended up in the “Sin Bin”.

It all ended with the students victorious, beating the staff 2-1 to lots of cheering from the crowd. What a great way to end our journey through lent and adding a few extra pounds for our charities, Cafod and Salesian rescue.

Our college chaplain Anne Quirk said,“These events just show what a brilliant school community we have, Year 10 have done a wonderful job, they have raised some money for charity and sent everyone off for the afternoon with a smile”.

Great work Year 10!

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