Eco-club Planet Protectors

We are excited to have our first planter from our eco-club Planet Protectors, which can be seen through the window of the hall. 

Situated on the Year 8 yard, we have ambitious plans to grow this space into something beautiful over time. The oak seeds that we planted were kindly donated to us through our partnership with the Tree Council, and the sunflower seeds planted were donated by our incredible staff.  

Each of the seeds has been given its own name, including the one and only Bosco! Over time, we hope to watch them grow and flourish with a bit of Faith, Hope and of course, Love.

 To help us on our mission to grow our newly established garden, we would love it if you could spare any pots or unused garden materials! 

We are already well underway planning for our next green project, our bird feeders and bug hotels!  

If any students would like to get involved with painting tins or piling pallets up, please come along after half term! 

Spending time in nature is significantly proven to boost mental health and wellbeing, so why not give it a try? We hope to see many of you there. 

"From small seeds, a mighty tree can grow"

Are you looking for ways to go green or not sure where to start your personal eco-friendly journey?
Then look no further than the Eco-Club Planet Protectors Recommended Reading suggestions. You can click on the book covers for more information about each book or why not explore all the library has to offer about how to save the planet, in our Eco Club - Planet Protectors reading list.

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