Student Spotlight - Alissa's Dazzling Solo Lights up ITV's New Year's Eve Bash!

After the recent trip to London to film with the 100 Voice Choir which aired on ITV on New Years Eve, we caught up with Alissa McCarthy regarding her experience after being selected to perform a Solo in front of the live and star studied audience.

Alissa's solo performance at the ITV's New Year's Eve Bash not only left a lasting impact on her but also elevated the overall dynamics of the choir. Handpicked during rehearsals for her exceptional voice, Alissa's dynamic range and heavenly tones added a new dimension to the performance, resonating beautifully through the iconic Wembley Arena.

Mr Gaffney who was a chaperone on the trip, had this to say about Alissa’s handling of the task set to her: “Observing Alissa navigate the pressure of performing on live television was a testament to her resilience. Serving as a remarkable role model for younger choir members, Alissa took charge of the mascot "Fish Butty" to find solace during challenging moments, showcasing both poise and humour in the face of unexpected challenges.

Alissa's leadership shone during rehearsals, ensuring everyone in the choir hit the right notes, creating an impressive wall of sound. Her professionalism and joyful demeanour did not go unnoticed by Mrs. Finnegan and other team members, underlining her significant contribution to the cohesive success of the performance. When asked how she tackled her nerves on the performance night, Alissa kept a clear head by taking deep breaths and gave herself a minute to soak up the atmosphere, then just looking straight ahead of herself and pretending no one else was there.

One of the highlights for Alissa was meeting some celebrities, including Shirley Ballas who wished them all good luck, and seeing all the work that goes on behind the scenes backstage to put a show together.

Alissa's beautiful singing, supportive role within the choir, and her polite, well-mannered nature drew positive comments from the production team, audience, and fellow performers. Beyond the musical prowess, Alissa's transformation throughout her time at Bosco is nothing short of remarkable. Having been an anxious and quiet student throughout her school journey, choir provided her with a creative outlet. Alissa, often likened to a butterfly, found her voice and truly blossomed during this journey, representing her school and the choir with professionalism and grace.

Well done to all who took part in the incredibly special event!

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