Formation Friday

This month, Mrs Tomkins, our Head of RE and Catholic Life, is reaffirming the profound significance of our school's mission statement, in her monthly article "Formation Friday" sent to all staff.

Through her efforts, we are reminded of the pivotal role this mission statement plays in guiding us to nurture each and everyone of our students to, empowering them to achieve their fullest potential.

‘Together we inspire each other to flourish in faith, hope, love’ 

To flourish means to grow or develop in a healthy way. Our Mission Statement is particularly important to us, as this is the driving force of all that we do here at St John Bosco Arts College, to ensure that every member of our school community can flourish to the best version of themselves. 

Here at St. John Bosco Arts College, everything we do is underpinned by our five core values. Each represent and reflect us as individuals, as a Catholic Salesian college and a strong pillar of our local community. These core values help us to uphold and live out our school Mission statement. 

Our five core values are: 


St John Bosco said, ‘it is not enough to love the young; they must know that they are loved’. Here at St John Bosco, we strive to ensure that each person within our school community experiences being loved and valued.

How is this evident within the college? 

  • RUAH (Salesian Values of Respect, Understanding, Affection and Humour) 

  • The relationships established between staff and students. 

  • The role of the form tutor – Being the first point of contact to resolve any issues.

  • Giving up our time for one another. 

  • Safeguarding and Pastoral systems. 

  • Chaplaincy. 

  • Oratory. 


As a Catholic School, our policies are centred in God, rooted in Christ and animated by the spirit of St John Bosco. Our school promotes a personal relationship with God and provides an atmosphere which upholds the Gospel Values of respect, compassion, forgiveness and love. The development of faith is at the heart of our life in school and the presence of Christ is visible in our daily interactions with one another, during our prayer moments and in our charity work. 

How is this evident within the college? 

  • Daily prayer moments. 

  • Weekly prayer and liturgy. 

  • Saying our school prayer together. 

  • All students having the opportunity to experience a retreat day each year. 

  • Our school policies uphold the Gospel Values and ensure that Christ is at the centre of all that we do. 

  • Feast day celebrations. 

  • Celebration Masses. 

  • The presence of our Salesian Sisters and the valued support that they offer our school. 

  • Charity work: Food banks, MacMillan, Nugent, CAFOD and Woodlands Hospice just to name a few. 

  • Extra – Curricular activities that support our students in sharing their gifts and talents with one another. 

  • Faith in Action - Eco Club, Pensioners party.


Community is at the heart of all that we do. We are proud of our strong heritage within our local community, this is supported by our college trustees the Salesian Sisters who have served our community since 1959. Our school mission statement provides a common vision which is clear and achievable. We want everyone to go cheerfully into the world, sharing love, knowledge and kindnessWe aim to produce brave and independent students whose faith will support them within the school and wider community as they meet life’s challenges.  

How is this evident within the college? 

  • Our trustees the Salesian Sisters are a valued part of our school community. 

  • Uniform Swap Shop. 

  • Rewards incentives, which include prizes for students but also our families. 

  • Attendance support. 

  • Pensioners Party. 

  • Sports Day. 

  • Feast Day. 

  • Celebration Awards Assemblies. 

  • Salesian Games – Unites us with our fellow Salesian Schools/Colleges 

  • Links with Merseyside Police. 

  • Croxteth Speaks Project. 

  • Transition/ Primary links. 

  • Charity fundraising to support local charities. 


We believe that all humans are made in the image and likeness of God and, therefore, everyone is entitled to be treated with love, dignity and respect. At St John Bosco we foster a spirit of mutual understanding whereby all members of our community feel valued, nurtured and allowed to flourish. We are in inclusive community and provide opportunities for dialogue and encounter with other world faiths.  We respect our common home; our curriculum provides all students with the tools to address social injustice and environmental issues, so that they can become advocates for change.  

How is this evident within the college? 

  • RUAH (Salesian Values of Respect, Understanding, Affection and Humour) 

  • The relationships established between staff and students. 

  • Clear behaviour systems and expectations that model respectful behaviour and interactions. 

  • RIP & PIP (Reprimand in private and praise in public) 

  • An inclusive community that supports students and families of other world faiths. 

  • Caring for the building and our school environment. 

  • An environment where people are treated with dignity. 

  • In lessons, we are respectful of each other’s opinions. 


Here at St John Bosco we promote personal growth of all of our students which affirms their uniqueness and personal worth. We encourage our students to recognise their unique gifts and abilities and encourage them to confidently share these gifts with others. We provide a curriculum that allows our students to flourish into the best version of themselves, so that they can surpass their incredible potential. 

How is this evident within the college?  

  • Mock exams. 

  • Interventions. 

  • Year 11 revision technique evenings. 

  • One to one supportive conversations. 

  • Never giving up. 

  • Retreats – To explore faith in action. 

  • Rewards incentives. 

  • Committed staff that always go the extra mile. 

  • Parental meetings. 

  • Pastoral and Safeguarding support that is offered to students and families. 

  • Sixth form opportunities and enrichment.  

  • A dedicated careers team. 

  • Keeping touch with students when they leave. 

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