Students “Wowed” by Inspirational Talk From Malik Al Nasir

Last month, we had the privilege of hosting the Liverpool Poet, Author, and Cambridge academic, Malik Al Nasir, for an engaging and inspirational session with the students.

Mr. Al Nasir's visit was not just an ordinary school event; it was a journey through his extraordinary life, touching on profound topics such as discrimination, race and racism, English and History, slavery, Law, Social Health, Poetry performance, and music. The Sixth form had the unique opportunity to delve into the experiences and insights of this multifaceted personality during his hour-long talk. 

The session, described as wide-ranging and inspirational, left an indelible mark on the students. Mr. Al Nasir captivated the audience with his personal narrative, offering valuable perspectives on social issues that resonated deeply with the students. 

Following his talk to the Sixth form, Mr. Al Nasir also engaged with the English A level students, focusing on critical thinking in English as an integral part of their academic journey. His discussion was not only relevant to the curriculum but also provided students with a broader understanding of the subject matter. 

Mr. Al Nasir concluded the Roscoe Lecture Series organised by Liverpool John Moores University in St George’s Hall, last week where he addresses the topic of, “The truth that lies behind Roscoe”, where he unravelled an epic tale of the network that supported William Roscoe’s philanthropic and civic works.

St John Bosco Arts College is proud to have been a part of his journey.  In a recent online conversation with Mr Webb who organised the event, Mr. Al Nasir expressed his fondness for the school and its students, stating that he would be more than happy to return. His enthusiasm for future engagements is particularly exciting for the English and History departments, where he could contribute his expertise on a variety of subjects. We look forward to the prospect of having Malik Al Nasir back, believing that his unique blend of experiences and knowledge will continue to inspire and enrich the educational environment.

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