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H​elpful Websites & Videos:

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Don’t let your Halloween turn into a nightmare

"Don't Let Halloween turn into a nightmare" - Halloween costume safety video showing the flammability of Halloween costumes- this is aimed at parents buying Halloween costumes.

Don’t make fireworks the last thing you see

"Don't make fireworks the last thing you see" - This video depicts serious and permanent injury from firework misuse and is aimed at older children who may be at risk of participating in risky behaviour.

We can’t be in two places at once

"We can't be in two places at once" - Outlines the additional pressures on the Fire & Rescue Service caused by deliberate fire setting, aimed at young people who could potentially become involved in this and have not considered the repercussions

Lily’s story

"Lily's Story" - Short animation which tells the story of a young girl whose community is blighted by anti-social behaviour during the bonfire period, the consequences of firework misuse and deliberate fire setting and that it may ultimately lead to more serious criminal activity- aimed at older children with a view to encouraging them to consider the effect of their actions on younger children and their future trajectory.

Bonfire Safety - Secondary

"​Bonfire Safety - Secondary" depicts a real incident which occurred on Merseyside and highlights the dangers of street bonfires and aerosols, this depicts burn injuries and is aimed at secondary age children to outline risks and discourage negative behaviour during the bonfire period.

Have a happy and safe bonfire period, Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service


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