Novus Criminology

We were delighted to welcome Jess Coates from Novus, SENCo and Teacher at Wetherby Young Offenders Institution. Jess joined our Criminology class to share her knowledge around the probation service, working with young people in the probation service and the rewards of this type of work.

Jess was able to share about her career and experience of the work that she does. She was able to share crucial information of the criminal justice system and how important education is and how it fits into every day life.

Students were able to hear about the number of professionals that surround an organisation such as this, the positive influence that a member of staff can have on the young people they work with. Jess was able to share information regarding funding, procedures and processes. This gave students an important insight and they were able to relate the theory of the course to the personal experience Jess was able to share with them. Many students felt they had a new insight into this element of the Justice System and that the session had challenged many of their own misconceptions.

Mrs Donnelly Head of Department for Criminology and Psychology said; “Hearing first hand experience of the processes and organisational procedures of this element of the Justice System is so valuable for students in their understanding of the law and systems in the UK. Jess’s visit has been so helpful in their understanding of this topic.”

Thanks to Jess for joining us and sharing her own experiences with our students.


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