P​i Day

Celebrated on 14th March Pi Day is a tribute to maths. Marked at the same time each year because of the significance of the date and its relation to the figure π shown in numbers as 3.14. This year our Maths department hosted a bake sale, scavenger hunt and the Pi Presentation competition. the day was started with an animation, students heard about the history of Pi, how you use Pi in the classroom, why we use it and the practical applications of it in the modern world. Students have all been invited to enter a national competition to present Pi in a unique way. They can use any way they like, it could be cake, music, art or the written word. We are excited to see what they come back with.



The breaktime bake sale was very popular and all proceeds will go towards our Lenten Charities CAFOD and Salesian Rescue. Funds will go to help those who have been affected by the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. Our support of these charities through our Pi Day celebrations is a wonderful way for us to live out our Salesian Values of community, faith, hope, respect and love.

Mr Scott says “Pi Day is a great way to get excited about maths, we can see how maths is used in a practical way from the work we do in class to experiments like the Large Hadron Collider. Students can see how the maths they learn every day is used across the world in life changing ways”.

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