Poetry Competition - Winter Wonderland

Young Writers latest poetry competition is now live!

Winter Wonderland invites 4-18 year-olds to write a poem in any style on the theme of wintertime. Whatever your thoughts about wintertime, write a poem in any style and let Young Writers know!

Looking for inspiration? Here are some ideas for budding poets:

❄️ Winter celebrations... Diwali, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year
❄️ Capture the serene and peaceful atmosphere of a snowy Christmas night
❄️ What will be your New Year’s resolution?
❄️ Reflect on the past year
❄️ Write about nature during this frosty time
❄️ Write a winter acrostic
❄️ Be inspired by Santa Claus, his reindeer, and the magic of gift-giving at Christmas
❄️ Create a poem about magical creatures like elves, fairies, or talking animals
❄️ Write about the spirit of giving and kindness during Christmas
❄️ Explore winter sports like ice skating, sledding, or skiing in your poem
❄️ Write a poem inspired by the starlit sky on Christmas Eve. You could explore the symbolism of stars and how they guide travellers, representing hope and new beginnings. Why not try connecting the stars to the journey of the Wise Men or create your own celestial narrative.

Poems can be written or typed, and there is no line or word limit - let creativity and expression flow! Once ready, complete the student entry form and email your entry to Miss Kinsella via school emails.

Student Entry form

Poems could be published in a special Winter Wonderland poetry book. Plus, Young Writers’ favourite poet will also win a prize!

Closing Date: Thursday 29th February 2024

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