S​cubba Success

Alyvia, a Year 8 student, had an exhilarating half-term holiday as she immersed herself in the crystal-clear blue waters of Thailand. Despite starting her diving journey at the age of 12, just a year ago, Alyvia displayed a natural flair that left her instructors convinced she was destined for greatness in the underwater world.

Her inspiration to dive came from a family member who had undertaken a thrilling shark dive at a local aquarium. Although Alyvia was too young to join the adventure, it ignited a spark within her, leading her to take the plunge herself and embark on a series of lessons. Displaying unwavering enthusiasm and a remarkable talent for the sport, she swiftly earned a multitude of qualifications, including the Discovery Diver, Ocean Diver, and Sports Diver certifications through the prestigious British Scuba – Aqua Club, all within a remarkable year.

Alyvia said “I love being in the water and have completed more than 29 dives in the UK, I just love it, it was brilliant to travel with my family and friends and other members of the diving club to dive in Thailand, we had a great time.”

Not one to shy away from challenges, Alyvia has fearlessly completed numerous dives in bone-chilling temperatures as low as 4 degrees Celsius. Her diving expeditions have taken her to remarkable locations such as Eccleston Delph in Chorley, Capernwray in Lancaster, and Stoney Cove Quarry in Leicester. Therefore, it was a delightful change of pace for Alyvia to indulge in the warmer waters of Thailand during her half-term break, where she successfully completed more than 10 dives.

Looking ahead, Alyvia's next milestone is to achieve her Dive Leader qualifications, allowing her to guide and supervise fellow divers as a capable dive leader. Witnessing Alyvia's growth and passion in her chosen sport is truly inspiring, and we eagerly anticipate the incredible achievements she will undoubtedly accomplish in the future. Keep thriving, Alyvia, and continue to explore the depths with boundless determination!

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